Hello Kitty by OPI Collection 2016 | Heather N King

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Hello Kitty by OPI Collection 2016 Shades: NL H80 Kitty White – pearl of a girl white NL H81 Charmmy & Sugar – sparkly pink for pretty pets NL H82 Let’s Be Friends! – this cotton-candy pink is my new bestie NL H83 Look at My Bow! – this sweet-girl pink sits right at the top NL H84 Small + Cute = – do the math…this baby pink is perfect NL H85 Spoken from the Heart – I have deep feelings for this pretty coral NL H86 Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel – I just love this fun pink super-glitter NL H87 Super Cute in Pink – I always say, “the pinker, the better” NL H88 My Twin Mimmy – this sunny yellow is twice as nice NL H89 5 Apples Tall – this apple red really measures up NL H90 My Pal Joey – this true blue is always there for you NL H91 Never Have Too Mani Friends! – Let’s “ink” a date for our next manicure! Source & picture credit: chicprofile.com

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