Sephora Extraordinary Rewards 8/10/15 By @lipstickjunkieforever: | Heather N King

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Sephora Extraordinary Rewards 8/10/15 By @lipstickjunkieforever: Thank you @all_makeupt for the heads up about this @sephora thread on their Facebook page. Sephora is claiming that the epic rewards will be available during business hours (which business hours are unknown) pacific standard time! I’ve stopped believing most companies’ release times (I now only trust @jeffreestarcosmetics and @meltcosmetics) so you bet your tush I will be waking up throughout the night to check!!! The rewards will be available at the checkout point and though I’m not sure whether you have to make a purchase, I would err on the side of caution and order something (even a hair band for a $1 if they still have those){@beccaalow tells me Sephora told her on Twitter that you must make a purchase to redeem a reward}. Canadian babes, your site will also have the rewards available. I will post pics or my video from last time for reference in a bit and the link to all the rewards will be in my bio in a few moments. Good luck to you all but if you take my Givenchy set of lipsticks I will find you and shave your eyebrows!!! #FLYMONEYFLY #sephora #epicrewards

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