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Ellis Faas Mascara E401 is a beautiful black mascara.

Ellis Faas Mascara E401 is a beautiful black mascara. The non-clumping formula seems to seek out each individual lash which results ultra plush eyelashes with noticeable length. Inject a little luxury into your lashes. Treat yourself to this one. Highly recommended! See photos after the jump.

I love how they use a stick figure drawing of an eye with lashes on the box.

Ellis Faas Mascara comes in two shades: E401 (black) and E402 (milk chocolate).

Ellis Faas Mascara E401


One more time, without my hand in the picture. Just soak in the beauty for a moment.

The mascara has a slim elongated brush that lengthens, separates and makes your lashes look “fluttery”. Love this!

Ellis Faas Mascara E401 retails for $34. It is available at select Sephora locations, Sephora.com, and www.EllisFaas.com.

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