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Now at Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection is LIVE! #Repost @lipstickjunkieforever ・・・ The @urbandecaycosmetics #UDinWonderland collection is now live on @ultabeauty!!! Definitely way before the official May 2 release so you better get on this!!! If you wanted a palette with peach shades (like the one in the @toofaced Sweet Peach palette), this is an excellent alternative as I was able to do an all peach look with it! I lost the YouTube video I had already made when my hard drive crashed and am re-editing a new one but do you want snapchat swatches right now before I head to bed? I swatched before but we can go for a second round, baby!!! Either way, are you buying either the palette or the lipsticks? Thank you for the update @nenitaa07. #flymoneyfly #urbandecay #urbandecaycosmetics

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