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By @bvenice_1920 via @RepostWhiz app: Dear urban decay @urbandecaycosmetics, As happy as i am with your new products because I’m a die hard fan I can’t help but feel let down with the color range in your new products. I currently use your naked skin foundation in 11but when going online to order a new powder foundation and concealer I only saw light shades. Now being as you make darker foundation why would you leave the deeper toned ladies out of the equation. It really bothered me because I am an advocate about letting people know about your products and what great quality they are. It really just feels like a slap in the face. I really urge you to add deeper shades to your lines as there are many chocolate women that would love to support you but you have nothing to offer. I really ask anyone reading this to take the time and tag or @ Urban Decay so they can see this. @urbandecaycosmetics #urbandecaycosmetics #themakeupexchange #ud #udnaked #nakedkinud #urbandecaynaked #urbandecay ( #RepostWhiz app)