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MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick Dodgy Girl

MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick Dodgy Girl

The MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick Dodgy Girl is one of four limited edition shades in this colorful collection. See more after the jump.

MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick in “Dodgy Girl”

I found all of the shades in this collection gorgeous. They were also all equally difficult to photograph. Since I blog for fun and I am not a professional photographer, I had trouble capturing the true shade of this lipstick. It looks different in each shot.

“Dodgy Girl”

“Dodgy Girl” is described by MAC as a “light lavender” with a matte formulation. The matte formulation on this is superb. It has excellent pigmentation that builds to full opacity in only one or two swipes and the texture is not over-drying.

“Dodgy Girl” swatch in natural light.

“Dodgy Girl” is photographed here without the use of natural light. This picture is not reflective of how this shade actually looks in person. The shade is actually as MAC describes it, a “light lavender”. In this picture it looks quite vivid – almost neon.

“Dodgy Girl” swatch with artificial light.

When I snapped a shot of “Dodgy Girl” using my lighting set up, it made this light lavender shade super bright and saturated. The lipstick really is much softer than this.

MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick in “Dodgy Girl” left a stain on my skin that I couldn’t remove even with makeup remover.

This can be bonus or minus depending on your stance, but this lipstick does stain your lips (and skin in my case). I don’t mind if lipsticks stain my lips since this only helps to add to the overall wear time. If you are a fan of matte purple lipsticks, you will love this dodgy lavender.

The MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick in “Dodgy Girl” is sold out at, but will be available at MAC locations June 12th.

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