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MAC Alluring Aquatic Lip Pencils

Both lip pencils sport the limited edition teal packaging. I love this color!

The MAC Alluring Aquatic Lip Pencils are amazing! I am not usually a fan of lip pencils; however, these two beauties have reignited my interest in lip pencils. See swatches of these awesome pencils after the jump.

MAC Alluring Aquatic Lip Pencils are the only makeup in this collection that do not have the raised water drop effect on the packaging.

“What Comes Naturally” is a beautiful light nude.

The creamy texture of this lip pencil works wonderfully for lining the lips or filling them in.

Excellent pigmentation! Ultra nude lovers can wear this alone. For others who are not so crazy about nude lip colors, this layers beautifully under lip glosses and lipsticks.

“Half-Red” is a warm soft burgundy.

If you have never tried a lip pencil from MAC before, this is worth the splurge. Soo creamy and soft!

“Half-Red” is a more traditional lip pencil shade. It can be worn by itself as well as underneath lip glosses and lipsticks to intensify the color. Beautiful!

The MAC Alluring Aquatic Lip Pencils are available at MAC stores,, Nordstrom, and Macy’s for a limited time.

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