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I know no one wants to talk about money, but I have to spread the word on this one. . There is a new bank in town that is actually paying interest on the balance in your checking account. . Just like all banks used to do! Remember those days? . This bank also charges NO ATM FEES WORLDWIDE! . I’m in the process of moving to a foreign country so this bank is a perfect fit for me. ️. I hope I didn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable by bringing up the the topic of money. . However, us beauty addicts spend a lot on makeup and our bank accounts need all the help they can get. . Since the focus of my Instagram is beauty and not personal finance, I will only keep the link in my bio for 24 hours. . If you come across this post after I have removed the link from my bio and you would like more information, feel free to DM me. . This is not a sponsored post. I really just wanted to spread the word. .

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