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MAC Pedro Lourenco Tinted Lipglass

MAC Pedro Lourenco Tinted Lipglass

The MAC x Pedro Lourenco Tinted Lipglass limited edition collection consists to two metallic-themed almost holographic shades: “Mirror” and “Gold Mirror”. Learn more after the jump.

“Mirror” is now correctly labled since I switched the stickers on it’s corresponding lipglass.

When I received my order from, both of these lipglasses were labeled incorrectly. Since they were both labeled incorrectly, they were also in the wrong respective boxex. “Mirror” was labled “Gold MIrror” and was therefore in the “Gold Mirror” box and vice versa. If you want either of these shades, check the contents of the box before leaving the store to make sure you are getting what you want. If you are unable to purchase in person and must order online, order both! At least that way you’ll get what you want. You can always gift or exchange the other one later.


“Mirror” is described as a “neutral silver”. Makeup collectors will not be able to resist this one. I have a rather large collection of lip glosses, but nothing in my possession is like this beauty here.

The wand is housed with a rubber-like texture that feels velvety to the touch. At first glance it looks like a classic black, but as you can see in the photo here, it’s a faux-black. Stylish!

“Mirror” swatch

This really has to be worn on the lips to appreciate it’s beauty. The neutral silver lip gloss has the usual texture of MAC lip products already present in this range. It has a medium thickness that is only slightly sticky. This gloss can be worn alone and build up to medium opacity; or it can be worn sheerly over other lip products. “Mirror” has an almost holographic effect. Simply glamorous!

“Gold Mirror”

“Gold Mirror” was originally incorrectly labled “Mirror”. I switched the stickers on the corresponding glosses, and now I’m good to go.

“Gold Mirror” swatch

As the name implies, “Gold Mirror” is a gold gloss. MAC bills it as a “neutral gold”. I agree with this description. This shade of gold runs neither warm nor cool. It really is a shade that can be worn on any complexion. It can be worn alone or layered over lipsticks. So pretty!

The MAC x Pedro Lourenco Tinted Lipglass retails for $16.50 each. The will be available at select MAC locations June 5th.

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