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Ellis Faas Makeup Review – Lipstick, Cream Eyeshadow, Mascara

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To learn more about Ellis Faas: http://www.EllisFaas.com

Full Face Ellis Faas Makeup Tutorial with Mini Reviews: http://heathernking.com/full-face-ellis-faas-makeup-tutorial-mini-reviews/

The following items are discussed in this video:

– Ellis Faas Light E305 Holographic Bordeaux: http://heathernking.com/ellis-faas-light-e305-holographic-bordeaux/

– Ellis Faas Hot Lips L403 Bright Fuchsia: http://heathernking.com/ellis-faas-hot-lips-l403-bright-fuchsia/

– ELLIS FAAS Creamy Lips L105 Hazelnut: http://heathernking.com/ellis-faas-creamy-lips-l105-hazelnut/

– ELLIS FAAS Milky Lips L201 Ellis Red: http://heathernking.com/ellis-faas-milky-lips-l201-ellis-red/

– Ellis Faas Mascara E401: http://heathernking.com/ellis-faas-mascara-e401/

– Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes E114 Bordeaux Red: http://heathernking.com/ellis-faas-creamy-eyes-e114-bordeaux-red/


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