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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Ammunition By @jeffreestarcosmetics: INTRODUCING…. Lip Ammunition a stick lipstick with intense pigment, coming in several finishes! ‪ #‎Spring2016‬ They will be available early 2016!!! First to launch Creamy ‪ #‎SatinFinish‬ and ‪ #‎GlitterFinish‬ Wait, there is more!!!!! ‪ #‎UnicornBlood‬ & ‪ #‎CelebritySkin‬ shades will be available in a Satin Finish!!!! They will be $19 each, first shades are permanent AND they smell like ICE CREAM. 100% VEGAN and cruelty-free. FUN FACT: Jeffree actually started & created this design TWO years ago and it got put on hold while he developed the liquid lip (which was supposed to come out after this product!) but the liquid lip design was done first so we moved ahead and have been perfecting the formula for months now! In an early interview with @trendmood1, Jeffree said these wouldn’t be vegan…. BUT: after further education and research, our WHOLE line will be vegan. Hope all of our loyal customers are ready to try new products!! this is just the beginning…. – #JeffreeStarCosmetics

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