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Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette

Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in “Infinity”

I managed to get my makeup-addicted hands on this Barneys New York exclusive: the Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in “Infinity”. It was available for pre-order on the Barneys’ website. Although it is sold out now, don’t fret! This is only the beginning of more Hourglass Modernist eyeshadow palettes to come. Keep your eyes peeled for them in 2015. Take a look at more pictures and swatches after the jump!

This selection of mostly matte shades is named “Infinity”.

This palette is free of all kinds of nasties! No parabens, gluten, nanoparticles, fragrance or sulfates are to be found in this beautiful makeup.

The Modernist eyeshadow palette is smaller than the Ambient lighting palette. That makes sense since its for the eyes and not the face.

This eyeshadow palette wears much better than it swatches.

The Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette retails for $58.

This is not a sponsored post. I have purchased this item using my own funds. May contain affiliate links.