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We Want You!

By @spencesbeautydepot:

You guyyyyssss I’ve got a BIG announcement! I’ve created a website to celebrate black beauty through the eyes of bloggers! Bloggers with content on beauty, fashion, health/wellness, and lifestyle can submit their blogs to be featured on the site. I’m hoping this will grow into a large network where we can share our work with each other and the world and celebrate our unique features! To make this network work, I NEED YOU! Please head on over to @officialbthree @officialbthree @officialbthree and click on the website link. In the Menu, select ‘Add Your Blog’ to get your blog up there! I’m also going to have a page of ‘Featured Bloggers’ where I’ll highlight some awesome bloggers! The only requirement is that you have a blog and you blog frequently about black beauty, fashion, health/wellness, or lifestyle. I’d love your support on this! See you on the website!

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