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Rimmel Cocktail Colour in a Flash Nail Polish


     Rimmel Cocktail Colour in a Flash Nail Polish is an irresistibly cute collection of summer shades that are available exclusively at Walgreens. This collection has forced me to break my “individual-nail-polish-no-buy” policy that I have been adhering to for the past two years. Since I rarely finish a bottle of nail polish (Who does so on a regular basis anyway?), I prefer to buy only mini collections such as the ones often made by OPI.

     Besides the eye-catching colors, microglitter and display of these nail polish cuties, I was tempted by the promise printed on the back of the bottles. This claims to be a one-coat formula that dries in 60 seconds.  I had to try this out and I was not disappointed! Although I had to apply three coats to achieve my desired opacity. In Rimmels defense, I was trying very hard not to paint my cuticles so that I could take a decent picture to post for you readers; therefore, I apply my coats very sheerly to avoid overlap onto my skin. I believe if you apply it thickly enough the first time, this truly will be a one-coat formula. The drying time was indeed around a minute. Nice! Without use a basecoat, these polishes did apply a bit streaky if applied sheerly. Without use of a topcoat, they have a nice shiny finish.

110 Baby Bellini

Purple with Magenta micro glitter


120 Shirley Temple

Yellow-Orange with Gold micro glitter


130 Apple Berry Smoothie

Electric Blue with Blue micro glitter


140 Hawaiian Punch

Red-Pink with Red-Pink micro glitter


150 Cutie Colada

Bright Lime Green with Bright Lime Green micro glitter


Here’s a pic of me wearing them for you (please excuse the painted cuticles):


     Rimmel Cocktail Colour in a Flash Nail Polish is available exclusively at Walgreens and retail for $2.99.

Will you be picking up any of these cuties? What’s your favorite shade? I would love to hear from you! Please subscribe and comment.

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