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New Essence Lipstick Shades and Swatches

Looking for some affordable, lightweight and super shiny lipstick? Look no further than Essence Cosmetics lipsticks.

They have added three new shades to their permanent lineup:

  • Miss Peach
  • Honey Bee
  • Flirty Pink

Essence lipstick applies very sheer but you with several swipes the wearer can build the color up to medium opacity. I am a fan of heavily pigmented products; however, I still love these. Regardless of how much I apply and reapply these lipsticks, they always feel light – never heavy, sticky or gross.

On the other hand if you are not a fan of reapplying lipstick several times a day, avoid these cute lipsticks like the plague. The wear time on these is very short. Since they have a very shiny formulation, the color fades with the shine just as quickly as a slippery lip gloss would.

Usually having to reapply a lipstick that often would be a total turn off for me, but I almost liken these to hydrating lipwear. They just feel so slick and ….yes, wet! I love them! My lips instantly feel hydrated and they never dry up or peel when I wear any of these shades.

Essence Lipstick in “Miss Peach”

Essence Lipstick in “Honey Bee”

Essence Lipstick in “Flirty Pink”

Essence lipsticks retail for $2.99. They can be found at Ulta and

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This is not a sponsored post. I have purchased all of these items using my own funds. This post may contain affiliate links.