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INGLOT Colour Play Lipstick Swatches


     Oh, happy day! My INGLOT order arrived in the mail today! Whoo hoo! It was lust at first sight when I saw the promo email for these new lipstick shades. It was love at first touch when I swatched them for this blog post. INGLOT lipsticks have a reputation for being extremely pigmented, creamy and long-wearing. These new shades uphold that proud reputation.

     Each Colour Play lipstick can be purchased in an individual square pan for $6. These fit beautifully into their Freedom System Palette 10 Eye Shadow Square ($16). My only complaint about the shades of INGLOT products is that they lack cute names. No “Russian Red”. No “I’m Not Really a Waitress”. No “Fine-One-One”. Shades of INGLOT lipstick, eyeshadows, gel eyeliners, et cetera are identified by numbers. The new shades of INGLOT Colour Play lipstick are named: “91″, “92″, “93″, “94″, “95″, “96″, “97″, “98″, “99″, & “100″.


I hope this picture helps you to remember the forgettable names of these unforgettable lipstick shades.

Without further ado, here are the swatches (also labeled for your convenience):


    I’m really feeling shades 92 and 93 since St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. I’m brainstorming an ombre lip look….

    INGLOT Colour Play Lipstick pans each retail for $6.

    INGLOT Freedom System Palette 10 Eye Shadow Square retails for $16.

     INGLOT Colour Play Lipsticks are available at INGLOT boutiques, INGLOT counters, and

     What do you guys think of the INGLOT Colour Play lipsticks? I would love to hear your opinions! Please comment and subscribe.

     Eat healthy. Drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep.

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