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Whip Hand Cosmetics Loose Pigment Eyeshadow Camo Collection Demo

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Whip Hand Cosmetics Loose Pigment Eyeshadow Camo Collection Demo:


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      GLOSSYBOX is my favorite subscription box. I did a blog post as well as a YouTube video to show you what I got inside. Take a look!

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     elf Studio Brush Shampoo is one of those items that I picked up some months ago when I did an online elf haul. I have kept it in my professional makeup artist kit in case of emergencies (or extremely long down time between makeup applications). As suspected, I haven’t needed to use it since I always spot clean my brushes with a spray brush cleaner between makeup applications.

     While surveying the current inventory of my kit deciding which items to keep, rotate out and replace alltogether, I pulled this out and decided to finally give it a try. When I took a glance at the ingredients, I noticed nothing special. This does contains SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). If you have an aversion to sulfates, steer clear. If not, read on.

     Quite surprisingly this little bottle of brush shampoo gets the job done. It lathers nicely, removes cream, powder and strong pigments from my brushes. It has no noticeable scent which is a bonus for those who have scent allergies or worry about the smell of their brushes when using them on clients. One of the reasons I put off using this for so long is that I heard rumors that this brush cleaner smells bad; however, it is virtually fragrance free. It also leaves the bristles of my brushes very soft.

     I’m surprised that I don’t hear more people raving about this cleaner. Then again it is nothing special, but it does clean better than some of the other products I have used. If you’re shopping online for some elf products, go ahead and throw one of these into your digital shopping cart.

     elf Studio Brush Shampoo retails for $3 and is available at

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Eat healthy. Drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep.

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