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GLOSSYBOX April 2013


     Another box full of goodies from GLOSSYBOX  this month. Let’s jump right in, shall we?


     Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist is among my box full of goodies this month. Although I’m sporting a super short ‘do these days, I can still benefit from a texturizing mist that will keep my hair from looking so flat and boring.


     Believie it or not, but I used to be platinum blond off and on for about a decade. One of my favorite hair care lines was “Dumb Blond” by TIGI. Although, I’m very familiar with their haircare, I’ve never tried their makeup. GLOSSYBOX sent me a baked blush in the shade “Brilliance”. Looking forward to trying this out.


     Wash With Joe Coffee Mint Invigorating Bodywash? Hmmm. Sounds yummy… smells delicious. It reminds me more of chocolate mint. Looking forward to trying this out. Love being introduced to brands I’ve not heard of before. icon_smile-6974199


     One can never have too many lip balms. The Honest Co. organic lip balm in “Purely Simple” has no fragrance and is packed with healthy organic oils. I just know my lips are gonna love this!


     Oh, thank you GLOSSYBOX  for pampering me with Bvlgari! A white tea bag for my bath? Yes, please! When the dogs, kitty and boyfriend are snoozing, I’m going to steal away to the bathtub for some precious ME time.


     In a recent GLOSSYBOX, a sample of the luxury day cream from Le Metier De Beaute was included. I was happy to see it again. The full size prize for this decadent skincare is $225. On the back of this postcard along with the sample is a special promo code that allows GLOSSYBOX members to get this cream at a discounted  price. $150 for a day cream is still a little rich for my blood; however, it’s still a nice gesture on their behalf.

     All in all this is somewhat “small” box compared to previous boxes I have received from them. But as always the overall value of this month’s box ( approximately $54!) is greater than the cost of the monthly subscription fee of $21.

     Is this GLOSSYBOX worth subscribing to? Absolutely!

     To learn more about GLOSSYBOX, click here.

Do you have a subscription to GLOSSYBOX? Which items would you like to see reviews on? I would love to hear from you. Please comment and subscribe.

Eat healthy. Drink lots of water and get lots of sleep.

Until later,

Heather N King

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask


     Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask was one of the goodies featured in my February 2013 GLOSSYBOX. I was excited when I saw the word “snail” all in capital letters on the front of the pouch. I was impressed and curious when I saw that the pouch boasted that it contained 5% snail slime extract. Just when you thought you heard it all, right?

     Snail slime is slowly crawling it’s way into mainstream skincare products such as masks, serums and facial creams. Why? “The slime contains proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans, glycoprotein enzymes, hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, antimicrobial peptides, copper, zinc and iron” (Read more: About Snail Cream |

     In other words, snail slime naturally contains a lot of goodies that we often put into the formulations of our skin care. The effects of some of these ingredients include increased hydration, decreased redness and inflammation, “promote the natural healing process, enhances skin’s ability to recover, dissolves dying cells, triggers skin regeneration and repair and helps the skin produce antimicrobials that fight infection” (

     For once reading about the promises of a skin care product is actually making me feel better about my own skin. It sounds like I’m in pretty good condition. The directions on the back of the pouch are pretty simple:

  1. Wash your face.
  2. Apply a toner (I skipped this step).
  3. Leave on for 20-40 minutes (I opted for 40 minutes while playing the Sims 2 on my old school PS2).
  4. Remove mask and pat the excess into skin to absorb the rest.


The snail mask instantly felt wet and cool on my skin. It had actually felt quite nice and soothing. Although I looked like a total freak, I felt relaxed and comfortable. For your viewing amusement, here is a pic of me wearing  the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask. Forgive the fuzziness. It’s an iPhone pic. The mask is actually divided into two cloth sections that are drenched in all kinds of hydrating goodness. I snapped this pic before I settled in with my Playstation 2. My game froze on me twice during the 40 minutes that I wore this. Definitely time to upgrade to the next gaming generation, huh?

After 40 minutes of wear, I peeled it off. There was excess snail slime gel on my forehead, cheeks and chin. I took about 30 seconds to tap the excess into my skin with my fingertips. My skin felt sticky to my fingertips; however, I didn’t not notice the stickiness unless I was directly touching my face. I have rather normal skin right now. Not overly oily or dry. Just right for me. Although I did notice the the pores around my cheek area looked smaller, this mask gave me a hydration overload. Simply way more moisture than I need on average.

So if you oily skin, I recommend that you follow up with a toner and avoid moisturizer that day. If you have normal/combo skin, this may be a little too hydrating in the T-zone. Again, just follow up with toner where needed. If you have dry skin, you will love this mask. After you tap in the excess snail slime, you may follow up with a moisturizer if desired. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to redness and inflammation, this may be the mask for you. However, proceed with caution and check the ingredients as well as with your doctor if you have one.

I enjoyed trying out this mask, but I feel that it is not a good match for my skin type. Simply too much hydration for me. All in all it’s definitely worth trying once. It’s a nice way to pamper oneself with an uncommonly used beauty ingredient.

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask retails for $6.

It can be found at

Have you tried this? What was your experience? I would love to hear from you! Please comment & subscribe!

Eat healthy. Drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep.

Until later,

Heather N King

January GlossyBox 2013 


     I was thrilled when I received a GLOSSYBOX for consideration. I am quite a fan of subscription boxes. Who doesn’t love deluxe, travel or trial size samples of makeup, skincare and fragrance? The monthly subscription fee is $21 (You can cancel at any time). This is a bit more than what I pay for my other subscription services; however, the contents that were sent to me more than pay for the monthly fee. I do not currently have a subscription to this service, but after having the chance to review one of their boxes I will definitely be adding this box to my list of services.


     This GLOSSYBOX greeting me with an attractive packing consisting of black and silver. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside!


     Nice presentation, huh? Let’s take a look at each individual item…


     I can never have too many mascaras. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara is your typical tiny size sampler that you usually receive as a gift with purchase at makeup counters. Nothing too spectacular here.


     Although this sample didn’t knock me off my feet at first glance, I do like this style of mascara wand. I will be reviewing this puppy in a future blog post.


     Next we have a sample of Narciso Rodriguez for Her. I honestly do not like it when beauty subscription boxes include a perfume sample as one of their “deluxe” samples. I can get perfume samples at a department store or makeup counter without having to pay for a subscription. (This box was given to me for free, but that’s not the point.) However, once I saw the other goodies that were packed inside this box, this fragrance sample just seemed like a tiny bonus that they threw in just to be extra nice.


     Plus my boyfriend is loving this fragrance on me. So our my dogs. icon_wink-4885195


     I love skincare serums. Products from Fresh are always lightweight and effective; therefore, I’m really looking forward to trying out the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum. With serums a little goes a very long way so I should be able to really test this one out. Nice sample!


     Le Metier de Beaute Replenishing Daily Solution SPF 30 is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. Boasting a heft price tag of $225 for 1.7 OZ (50 ml), I cannot wait to try this out. Although this is the dreaded foil packet that subscribers of beauty subscription boxes often receive and perceive as cheap “filler”, a foil packet sample from an exclusive and effective high end skincare company is always welcome by me.


      I wonder how much this sample is worth… Let’s do a little math… $225 divided by 50 ml equals  $4.50 per milliliter. My sample of Le Metier de Beaute is 3 ml which means this little foil packet is worth $13.50. Wow! Can’t wait to try it. I will be posting a separate review on this.


     Now that I’m wearing my hair super short, I’m always on the lookout for something that will give me hair shine and control without looking like it has been plastered flat. Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable-Styling Treatment? At 50 ml this is a nice deluxe hair care sample that I will definitely put to good use. I will be posting a separate review on this.


     OPI nail polish is my favorite nail polish brand. Anytime I wear a polish from OPI it always wears at least a week on me before I see any signs of chipping. The new formulation called “Liquid Sand” (a matte, grainy texture that does not snag on clothing or skin) has had me intrigued for weeks. Just as I was about to go out and buy the miniature collection, GLOSSYBOX showed up at me door and sent me a full size polish. Oh, joy! My jaw dropped when I saw this. The shade is named “Can’t Let Go” and retails for $9. Not bad! I wearing it right now as I type. Love it and can’t wait to blog about it!

018-9370761     This is the item that made my jaw drop when I opened the box! I LOVE TARTE COSMETICS!!!! I have been planning a Tarte haul for a while now – both for my makeup artist kit as well as for my own personal use. All of the shades from their Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick are on my list…. well, minus one now.


     GLOSSYBOX sent me the Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick in the shade “Fierce”. As the name implies this is a long wearing lipstick and it retails for $26.

     This was an extremely pleasant introduction to GLOSSYBOX and I will be subscribing next month. If you have been thinking about giving subscription boxes a try, definitely try out this service. The full-sizes of OPI nail polish ($9) and Tarte Cosmetics lipstick ($26) made up for the $21 subscription fee.

If you would like to subscribe to GLOSSYBOX, you can visit their website at Here is my affiliate link, if you would like to sign up through that:

     Thank you GLOSSYBOX for sending me a free box to review. You have gained a new subscriber.

Have you tried GLOSSYBOX? What was your experience? I would love to hear from you. Please comment and subscribe!

Until later,

Heather N King

DISCLAIMER:  This subscription box was sent to me for consideration by GLOSSYBOX. I was not financially compensated for this review and I have given my honest opinions.

Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste

     I received a small sample size of the Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste from Beauty Army January 2013 subscription box. I was particularly excited about trying out this texturizing paste, since the one I currently use from Enjoy is a dry wax that requires me to microwave it. I’m not kidding. The dry wax from Enjoy is rock hard at room temperature. Even on the packaging it says to warm up the product using your blow dryer. I prefer to just nuke it for a few seconds. Anyhoo…. I’m talking about the Dirt Texturizing Paste from Jonathan Product and not Enjoy, so moving on!

     When my sample size of 0.7 ounces of this oil-free texturizing paste arrived in the mail, I could not wait to try it out… but I had to. Not sure of what my results with this product would be, I had to wait a few days until I knew I could stay home to really try it out. I mean, it would be awful it this product had absolutely no holding power and I was left with a mini afro adorning my head with absolutely no time to fix it. I don’t care what anyone says. Unintentional afros in this day and age are not cute. If you are one of those people who always say, “If I could style my hair into an afro, I would!”, you’ve obviously never had one.

   Finally a few days later with no major errands to run or any place that I had to be for the day and evening, I took a leisurely shower and washed my hair in preparation for testing out this cute little sample. After towel drying my hair, I unscrewed the lid.

     I didn’t notice much of a smell when I first opened it. When took some of the product out with the tip of my finger, I was instantly delighted by the texture. It reminded me of  a slightly more solid version of marshmallow cream. I rubbed the pasted between my hands and applied it to my hair. It did a nice job of defining and separating my short hair style. It seemed to instantly absorb into my hair giving it shine and controlling my unruly flyaways.

     But then the smell hit me…. Oh my God.  The smell was that of super smelly cheap plastic on my hands. I washed my hands – yes, with antibacterial hand soap – but the smell persisted. After a few minutes the smell had mutated from an overpowering cheap plastic smell to a strong burnt plastic smell. Disgusting! This smell literally drove me nuts for the next couple of hours. I could not shake it. I never got used to it. Being that I stayed home that day, I don’t know if others would have picked up on the smell. I’ve read some reviews on this product online; and the majority of people seem to either really like or love this texturizing paste. No one said, “This product stinks!”. Well, one person did (Me!).

     It seems this may have just been a biological anomaly. No product works for every single person on the earth. I am apparently in the unlucky non-existent minority of people for whom this product is simply not compatible. Although, I have since thrown this sample in the trash, I did like the way it felt in my hair as well as it’s ability to define, separate and add shine with control without weighing my hair down.

    If you’re looking for a good texturizing paste, I do actually recommend this. I couldn’t get past the scent of the product once it mingled with my hair, but it seems other people haven’t had this problem. Good luck!

Have you tried Jonathan Product Dirty Texturizing Paste? What was your experience? I would love to hear from you. Please comment and subscribe.

Until later,

Heather N King

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