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Essence Cosmetics Haul – Spring 2013 Collection

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Items discussed in this video:

– French Glam Nail Stickers:

– Stays No Matter What Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil:

– Match 2 Cover! Cream Concealer:

– I Love Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pen:

– All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder:

– Stays No Matter What Waterproof Eyeliner Pen:

– Kiss Care Love Lipbalm:

– Night Club Eyeshadow Palette:

Items from the Essence Cosmetics Spring 2013 Collection not discussed in this video:

– Nail Art Duo Stylist:

– 3D Eyeshadow:

– I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara:

– Stays No Matter What 24 Hour Volume Mascara:

– Nude Glam Nail Polish:

– Gel-Look Top Coat:

– Nail Art Decoration Kit:

This is not a sponsored video. All of the products discussed in this video were purchased using my own funds.

Essence Match 2 Cover! Cream Concealer


      I am guilty of not using concealer on a regular basis. It’s not that I don’t need it (I Do). I am just at home with the majority of my flaws; and I am not really prone to having dark circles under my eyes. However, cream concealers can definitely give our eye area a brightening boost even if we don’t have dark circles. Who doesn’t want to look their best? Since I’m a sucker for cute packaging and I love Essence Cosmetics, I thought I would give this concealer a try.


     This compact cream concealer duo comes in only one shade, “Medium Beige/Light”. I was skeptical that I would fit into this color scheme, but I am happy to announce that when I applied the “medium beige” (the slightly darker of the two colors), it instantly blended and brightened my under eye area. It did not give me “reverse raccoon” eyes.


     The texture of this concealer surprised me. At first glance I assumed it was a soft creamy format that would cause me to hit pan within a relatively short time. However, when I first touched it with my fingers to swatch it, it felt hard and dry. This is actually a good thing. Why? You won’t accidentally scoop out more than intended and waste the product. This also prevents (or deters) you from “caking” it on.


Essence Match 2 Cover! Cream Concealer Swatches. From left to right: Medium Beige, Light, Both Mixed Together

The result? I warmed up the surface of the product using my ring finger in a circular motion and then tapped it onto my under eye area. It has a lovely matte finish. Under my right eye, I applied just the concealer. Under my left eye, I set the concealer with a translucent powder. Two hours later when I checked my makeup in the mirror  in my home (I didn’t go out like this!), I saw that the concealer that I had not set with powder only creased slightly. The concealer under my left eye that I had set with powder had not creased at all.

I like this concealer. Hopefully in the future they will come out with shades that will work for deeper skintones. My best advice when using this, since the Essence Match 2 Cover! Cream Concealer does have a matte texture, make sure to use a good eye cream before applying it to prevent it from settling into any fine lines or wrinkles under the eyes.

Essence Match 2 Cover! Cream Concealer is a great addition to their new Spring 2013 collection. If you are a concealer fiend, this little duo is definitely worth adding to your collection.

Essence Match 2 Cover! Cream Concealer retails for $3.49 and is available at HEB, Fred Meyer, Ulta and

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Eat healthy. Drink water, and get lots of sleep.

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Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm

     I have naturally dry lips with a recurring dry patch that I love to pick at. TMI (too much information)! I know, but my point is that I am always on the lookout for new moisturizing and softening lipcare – especially if it is affordable. Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm fits the bill.

      Essence Cosmetics is a European company with products that still have a rather limited distribution in the United States. When I heard about the recent launch of their Spring 2013 line with new permanent products, I knew that I would be hauling quite a few of those items. So yes, there will be many upcoming posts about products from Essence, but I will make sure to space them out and review other brands as well so that you don’t get Essenced to death. I; however, cannot get enough of this brand.

     Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm comes in four colors. Although the packaging is very colorful (and cute), being that these are lip balms they only offer the very slightest, tiniest hint of color. Beyond sheer.  This is also how I would describe the flavoring of these lip products. I notice only a hint of sweetness if I lick my lips after applying one of these. This is good news since I am notorious for eating off almost every lip product that I wear. I only have will power if it’s a matte red shade. All other lip colors/balms/glosses shall be devoured.

Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm in “Fruit Crush 01″

The scent of the Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalms is super sweet, yet not overwhelming. Once I apply any of them to my lips the scent lingers in a subtle and non-offensive way.

Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm in “Purple Berries 02″

So they are affordable ($1.99), look nice, smell nice and taste nice, but are they moisturizing? YES! The texture of these European lip balms is lightweight and non-greasy. If you’re the kind who likes to apply a ton of lip balm, then this will definitely be up your alley. After applying 3 layers each on my upper and lower lips (standard procedure for me), I’m happy to report that my lips are not sticking together when I speak. That just put a funny image in my head…

Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm in “Fruitylicious 03″

I do not find the need to constantly reapply when I wear these. Some lip balms I have found to be “addictive” not because they are so yummy and moisturizing, but because they contain drying ingredients that cause you to constantly crave what little moisture they provide. Not the case with these. Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalms contain a non-drying formula consisting of castor oil.

Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm in “Caribbean Sunrise 04″

Whenever I hear that something contains castor oil, it always makes me think of people who use it as an old school home remedy for constipation. However,  if you look at the science behind it, that explains why Essence Cosmetics chose to use this as their base ingredient in the Kiss Care Love Lipbalm formula. Castor oil is a vegetable oil that is derived from the castor bean. See? That’s not so bad is it?

If you are a fan of Maybelline’s “Baby Lips” (as I am), I recommend that you take a look at these. Cute, tasty, moisturizing and affordable!

Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm retails at $1.99. It is available at HEB, Fred Meyer, Ulta and

Have you tried this? What was your experience? I would love to hear from you. Please comment and subscribe!

Eat healthy. Drink lots of water and gets lots of sleep.

Heather N King


Essence Cosmetics Cherry Blossom Girl Trend Edition

     I consider Essence Cosmetics one of the best kept secrets in drugstore makeup. I only discovered this European makeup brand a few months ago at my local Ulta, and fell immediately in love. I have hauled this brand on two separate occasions: The first time to try out items from the brand and review them for my YouTube Channel and again when they released their Exclusive Twilight Saga Makeup Collection.

    Cherry Blossom Girl is the the next collection they will be releasing in February 2013. It consists of an eyeshadow quad, eyeliners, false lashes, lip colors, a highlighter pen, blush, nail polish and a shimmering body powder. Let’s take a closer look at these goodies, shall we?

Cherry Blossom Girl Trend Edition 2013

Quattro Eyeshadow

      This cute mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows is named 01 Dreaming under a Cherry Tree. From my experience, the eyeshadow from Essence Cosmetics can be a touch powdery but the texture is smooth with very good color payoff.

2 in 1 Eyeliner

I am sold on the clever and cute packaging of these dual ended liners. One end produces bold lines and the other keeps it fine for more demure looks. Available in two shades, 01 Big in Japan (classic black) and 02 My Little Kimono (natural dark brown) with a long-wearing formula, these will make great additions to my already too big eyeliner collection.

Paper Lashes

Cute doesn’t even begin to describe these dainty false lashes appropriately named 01 Hidden in Sakura Garden. I’m looking forward to wearing these on a romantic night out with my main man. The downside is that these are artistically cut from paper; therefore, I think they might have a very short shelf life for being worn repeatedly. Save these for special occasions!

 Lipstick Pencil

     Lipstick pencils are a popular trend right now. The majority of them have a glossy finish, but Essence is offering up two shades 01 Cherry Cherry Girl (a strong red) and 02 It’s Peach Not Cherry (a trendy apricot) with a velvet matte finish. I must have these.

Highlighter Pen

     Essence recommends using this light rosé highligher named 01 Konnichiwa Girls around your eyes (I recommend the inner and outer corners) for a brightening lift. The twist up application makes it easy to apply.


    The Cherry Blossom Girl blush in 01 Asian Sensation is a multi-tasking blush. Use the lighter shade as a highlighter on your cheekbones and the darker shade on your apples. Or you can swirl them together for a rosy glow. So cute!

Nail Polish

     Limited edition nail polish available in four shades from left to right: 01 Fortune Cookie (shimmery sunny yellow), 04 It’s Peach Not Cherry (apricot), 02 My Little Kimono (shimmery lilac), and 03 Cherry Cherry Girl (red).

Shimmering Body Powder

     I love the name of this shimmering body powder: 01 Hello Glitty. It has a subtle floral fragrance that offers a fine layer of shimmer. Dust it on your face, neck, collar bones and décolleté for a playful & flirty look.

   For now Essence still has rather limited distribution in the United States. Staple items from their core collection can be ordered online at; however, you will have to visit physical locations to get your hands on the Cherry Blossom Girl collection. Essence can be found at Ulta, HEB, Fred Meyer and Shoppers Drug Mart (in Canada). Once my local Ulta receives this collection, I will haul it and review it.

Have you tried products from Essence? What did you think? Know of other locations where Essence can be found? Please share!

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