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Essence Match 2 Cover! Cream Concealer Review & Tutorial

Essence Guerilla Gardening


     The urban jungle is calling as they approach after sunset! Armed with shovels, soil, watering cans and colorful flowers, diligent guerilla gardeners transform dreary backyards, traffic islands and barren blocks of concrete into a blossoming oasis. The new

trend edition Guerilla Gardening by Essence is dedicated to green pioneers in May

2013. Botanical shades like bright and dark green as well as earthy brown are just as essential as bright pink and intensive red for that extra special spring feeling. Innovative products guarantee a fantastic mood and ensure that all guerilla gardening girls are perfectly equipped! The absolute it-piece of this trend edition is the nail art velvet powder for a cool moss-like look on your nails. So get your rubber boots on and say bye, bye to

boring concrete landscapes! The mission: a green city with a feel-good factor!

Essence Guerilla Gardening Eyeshadow

     Natural eyes: the delicate texture of this eyeshadow comes in earthy brown, light asphalt-grey and fresh green to conjure-up gorgeous eye make-up styles. Three natural talents that are sure to become evergreens! Available in 01 garden up!, 02 my piece of land and 03

Essence Guerilla Gardening Eyebrow Mascara

     Brown brows! The gel-like texture with subtle color-dispersion is sure to get your eyebrows into shape! With a lighter shade for blondes and a darker version for brunettes, you can reap in lots of compliments!

Available in 01 garden girls and 02 my piece of land.

Essence Guerilla Gardening Lip Cream

     Mattify your smile! The velvety soft lipcream with a trendy matt effect in intense red and pink shades reminiscent of the early summer guarantees stylish lips – even when you’re on a spontaneous night mission to save the world! Available in 01 mission flower and 02 floral

Essence Guerilla Gardening Cream to Powder Blush

     Red like a beetroot: this blush gives you gorgeous rosy cheeks with a powdery finish. Just like you’ve spent an exciting day out in the fresh air! Absolutely essential for all urban amazons with a rake and shovel.

Available in 01 mission flower and 02 floral glam.

Essence Guerilla Gardening Nail Polish

     A green thumb? Of course! The long-lasting nail polish with super-high coverage paints your nails green, lemon, pink or tomato red. With colors this bright, gardening is easier than ever! Available in 01 I’m the moss,

02 plant the planet, 03 mission flower and 04 floral glam.

ess_guerillagardening_nailpolish01-4822278 ess_guerillagardening_nailpolish02-5932517 ess_guerillagardening_nailpolish03-7973122 ess_guerillagardening_nailpolish04-1622099Essence Guerilla Gardening Nail Effect Powder

     Fa-moss! The innovative velvet powder is a true nail-style highlight! Simply sprinkle on freshly polished, slightly moist nails and spread with the multi effect brush. The tiny fibers create a cool, velvety moss-like look in grass green or flowery pink. Available in 01 I’m the moss and 02

Essence Guerilla Gardening Nail Art Multi Effect Brush

     Do it yourself! The fan-shaped multi effect brush creates awesome nail styles and is ideal for applying the nail art velvet powder. So that’s what the perfect (gardening) tool for true beauties looks like! Available

Essence Guerilla Gardening Hair Ties

     Cute little blossom head: the colorful hair-ties in bright red and pink keep your hair in place while you brighten up the city. And the cool thing is: despite their grooved structure, the hair-ties are designed in such a way that they won’t leave any annoying kinks in your hair when

you take them out. Available in 01 guerilla girls.

Essence Guerilla Gardening will be available in stores across Europe in May 2013.

I’m sad that this collection won’t be coming to North America in May which means we might receive it towards the end of the year or at the beginning of next year. Thoughts on this collection? I would love to hear from you! Please comment and subscribe.

Eat healthy. Drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep.

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara


     Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara is one of the new additions to Essence Cosmetics’ permanent line. I am not a fan of mascaras that leave my lashes looking natural. Extreme crazy volume? Yes, please! I had positive results with their Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara, so I decided to give this one a try as well.

    First off, I love the pink and black packaging. So girly and fun! The name grabbed me as well, but what about the mascara brush?


     Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara has a big ‘ole fat Covergirl-style mascara brush. The bristles are spread apart far enough to be able to grab your lashes individually to coat them with a creamy black layer of color.  My modus operandi for applying any mascara is to wiggle the brush at the base of my lashes to deposit a fair amount of the formula. Then I pull the wand from base to tip to distribute the formula. What’s my opinion of this mascara? Is it “Extreme Crazy Volume”? Take a look at my before and after pics:





     Did Essence promise too much? Absolutely not! This is my new favorite mascara until I find the next affordable mascara that promises me “Extreme Crazy Volume”.

     Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara retails for $4.99.

     Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara can be found at Ulta and

Do you love Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara? What do you think? I would love to hear from you! Please comment and subscribe.

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Essence Trend Edition Floral Grunge



Opposites attract! The new essence trend edition floral grunge unites floral,
feminine elements with cool grunge accents in April and May 2013. Soft and intense colors, fine and rough textures, floral lace designs and edgy studs – playful hippy chic meets casual grunge style! This trend edition offers so many highlights: the stick-on eyeliners with a velvet or stud look and the hair powder for eye-catching color in your

hair are absolute must-haves. Smells like spring spirit!

essence floral grunge quattro eyeshadow



Floral vs. Grunge! The four long-lasting colors of the quattro eyeshadows range from metallic to matt and create trendy eye make-up styles. The lighter version stands for floral with white, soft pink, coral and mint while the darker version with beige, lilac, olive and black reflects the grunge look. Available in 01 eye like flowers and 02 eye like


essence floral grunge stick-on eyeliner

ess_floralgrunge_stick-onel01-7692817 Flower girl or rock chick? Both, of course! All beauties will love the innovative stick-on eyeliners. Select your favorite with a velvet appearance or small studs and stick on your eyelid. The super easy application ensures a perfect eyeline. Totally cool during the day for fans of extroverted styles and a true make-up highlight at every party during

the evening. Can be used multiple times.

essence floral grunge mini lipgloss set

ess_floralgrungeminilipglossset02-6242744 ess_floralgrunge_minilipglset02-8835139 ess_floralgrungeminilipglossset01-9608100 ess_floralgrunge_minilipglset01-7343844

Perfect when you’re on the go, whether you’re heading for an open-air festival or a cool underground club. Depending on your mood, you can choose from three cute mini-lipglosses to find the ideal shade for your trendy spring look. Two different sets with soft or strong colors that are an absolute must for every purse! The soft version contains transparent glitter, soft rose and coral and the more intense version colors your lips in pink, cool lilac and mint. Available in 01 kissing me softly and 02

grungy kisses rock!.

essence floral grunge blush

ess_floralgrunge_blush-7667715 Turn coral: the silky-matt texture of the blush is easy to apply, spreads evenly and feels wonderfully soft on your cheeks. The blush offers intense results in

coral-pink. For a unique spring complexion!

essence floral grunge nail polish

ess_floralgrunge_nailpol05-5357125 ess_floralgrunge_nailpol04-7627041 ess_floralgrunge_nailpol03-5080391 ess_floralgrunge_nailpol02-3913395 ess_floralgrunge_nailpol01-8884921 Here come the nail polish trends of the spring season: fresh, floral and a little smokey in mint, pastel white, soft coral, purple and black. The effects also guarantee plenty of diversity and extremes: from matt to pearly to the edgy “grip tape look” usually reserved for skateboards! Long-lasting and breathtaking, these popular nail polish give your nails the perfect finishing touch. Available in 01 be flowerful, 02 lily bloom, 03 grunge me tender!, 04

madly purpled and 05 black to the roots.

essence floral grunge body tattoo

ess_floralgrunge_bodytatoo01-2454764 In the mood for a tattoo but don’t want it to last forever? We’ve got the perfect solution with the stylish body tattoos for your face and body. A guaranteed eye-catcher! The tattoos stick to your skin really well and are easy to remove with our 2-phase

make-up remover.

essence floral grunge hair dye powder

ess_floralgrunge_hairdyepowder-3165735 ess_floralgrunge_hairdyepowder_opened-9416963 Coloration to go… the pressed hair powder creates colorful highlights in bright coral to lure the first ray of sun out from behind the clouds. Simply apply on the desired strand or area of hair and wash-out when you’re done. A unique must-have for all individualists going for a cool

look this spring.

essence floral grunge hair-band

ess_floralgrunge_haarband-3670216 The rock-chick hair band with trendy studs completes your gorgeous

“floral grunge” look. Be a floral grunge girl!

essence floral grunge will be available in stores in April and May 2013.

Items from Essence Cosmetics’ permanent line are available at HEB, Fred Meyer, Ulta and

Have you tried items from Essence Cosmetics? What was your experience? I would love to hear from you! Please comment and subscribe!

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