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Caress Endless Kiss and Passionate Spell Silkening Body Wash

     One of my favorite ways to unwind from a long day, is to take a nice, hot, and steamy shower with a body wash that smells magical and leaves me feeling moisturized and silky.

This is not a new brand. This is not a new product, but Caress has added two new fragrances to their Silkening body wash line: Endless Kiss and Passionate Spell. Body washes from this company have enchanting fragrances. The frothy lather and leaves your skin with a gentle layer of indulgent moisture that makes you feel silky all day long.

The first new Silkening body wash, Endless Kiss, has a soft scent of vanilla with a warm undertone of sandalwood. There is also a corresponding beauty bar. The beauty bar is super soft to the touch and never leaves a sticky film on your skin.

The other new body wash, Passionate Spell, smells fruity and exotic all in one! Along with the signature moisture beads that keep your skin hydrated and silky long after your shower, a subtle scent of passionfruit and fiery orange rose linger favorably with your aura.

My beauty tip for this line is to use one of their exfoliating body washes for a gentle yet effective overall body scrub to slough off dead skin and improve blood circulation (which improves the health of your skin). Then follow with any of their indulgent Silkening body washes to moisturize, clean and lightly scent your skin throughout the day.

My favorite exfoliating body wash from Caress is Tahitian Renewal. It uses pomegranate seeds to gently exfoliate and coconut milk to moisturize! It smells so delicious, I wish I could eat it.


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Approximately $5