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Urban Decay Double Ended 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Duo

     I love Urban Decay. Urban Decay cosmetics is one of my absolute favorite brands. Although I have so much love for Urban Decay, I was not immediately thrilled when I was given this Double Ended 24/7 Glide-on Pencil Duo for consideration. Double ended anything kind of always makes me look the other way at first glance. I prefer singular full-sized items as opposed to half-sized double ended cosmetics. I warmed up to this recently released eyeliner duo when I opened the package and saw the shades that were included.

     First off, I can always use another eyeliner/lip pencil sharpener. So, I liked that. But then I swatched the colors and realized that these are shades that I will actually use! Here are the swatches for your viewing pleasure (Sorry that my lighting sucks!): 

“Stash” and “Sabbath”

“Stash” is a dark green with gold glitter. Sounds gawdy, I know. But it’s actually a very subtle and sophisticated color that pairs nicely with “Sabbath” – a matte navy blue shade. “Sabbath” is exclusive to this eye pencil duo. I’m a sucker for exclusive items. Here’s a pic of me wearing them to show how they give a pop of color without being too loud.

     ”Corrupt” is a dark brown with a hint of shimmer and “Zero” is a traditional black liner. Here’s a pic of me doing a dramatic cat eye with “Zero” and wearing “Corrupt” on my waterline as well as blended below my lower lash line. This combo made me feel a little daring so I blended “Corrupt” as a thin line slightly passing “Zero”. Here are the swatches (apologies again for my crappy lighting):

“Corrupt” & “Zero”

     Although I was not crazy about the double-endedness of it all at first, these are actually nice colors to add to my makeup collection. All of these eyeliners are waterproof; and I love how blendable Urban Decay’s formula is. The pencils are soft but not so soft that they break on my skin when I apply them. The formulation is creamy and does not tug at my skin. Because they are waterproof, pencils from Urban Decay are extremely long-wearing. I can count on the color fading little to not at all.

     I was given this pencil duo for consideration and have blogged my honest opinions and experience.

     Do you have this? What has your experience been? I would love to hear your opinions, experiences and tips. Please comment and subscribe!

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Heather N King