Tarte Statement Lips 5-piece LipSurgence™ Collector's Set

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Tarte Statement Lips 5-piece LipSurgence™ Collector’s Set

Can’t hear the audio or watch the video? Read the video transcription below.

     Hello everyone. My name is Heather. Heather N King. “N” as in Nicole. From HeatherNKing.com and I was psyched to death when I saw this in the store today. So I just wanted to share this with everyone. One of my absolute favorite brands, Tarte, has – this is one of their many holiday collections that are coming out. This is a set of five Liplusters. If you’re not familiar with Liplusters, let me bring you up-to-date.

I love these. They are awesome. Sorry, I’m going to open this while I’m talking to you. So Liplusters are basically lip glosses in solid form. And they have three different finishes which I love. So this one actually has – well, first off let me start with more about what it is before I tell you what all is in here. I’m going to pop these out while I’m talking. So, I love these because, well, first I love Tarte. Tarte is one of my favorite brands because it’s very natural. I’m actually not big on natural things but I love the philosophy of this brand. All their cosmetics, all their lip lines are free of ph – blah! Can’t even say the word! They’re free of phthalates, parabens. No parabens. No synthetic oils. No synthetic fragrances. And they’re also free of sodium lauryl sulfate. Which is in everything! So I don’t think I’m actually allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate, but I know a lot of people are. It’s nice for them to have a natural makeup brand that has great quality products. I love Tarte.

Some of the good ingredients – like a lot of their products are actually really skin healthy. As in these have jojoba seed oil which is very softening. They have – hold these up so you can see all the colors. They have vitamin C, vitamin E. Oh, and these Liplusters have peppermint oil. So they give a very slight cooling on the lips – not overwhelming! Not… It doesn’t feel like you rubbed like toothpaste on your lips or anything. So, I really love these. At first I was psyched to death when I saw these in the store today because one of these normally costs… Let me pick up one. Here we go.

     This is one of my favorites actually, “Exposed”. One of these in the store actually costs $24 on average. $24. And it’s worth it. I love this one. Oops! I used this one as you can see. I’m not wearing this one now. I’m wearing a different one. One of these usually costs $24. And they had this set of five – full size! These are full size. These are not trial size. These are not minis. This set of five was only $34! I mean that’s a huge value. I mean that’s what? Let’s see. I’m cheating off the box here. So, yeah. If I wanted to get five of these on a regular day that was not in a holiday pack, this would cost me $120. So, this is definitely a steal. Take advantage while you can. It’s only going to be around for the holidays and then they’re going to go back to being $24 apiece. It can be kind of pricey if you want more than one.

Ok, so what I love about these is they all come in three finishes. And like, the entire line. There’s probably over 20 different shades of these I think. I don’t know the exact number. But they have different finishes. They have a matte finish. They actually put one of the matte finishes in here. This is actually one of my favorites from this line. If I’m wearing really dramatic eye makeup or like a smokey eye, then I love this one. It’s called “Exposed”. And I’ll go ahead and swatch it for you. With my skin tone it might come off looking kind of purple but it’s actually a very nice neutral nude color. But on me, it might be… might be a purple undertone because I have a golden undertone. So keep that in mind ladies. That certain mattes, excuse me. Certain nude colors on women with a yellow undertone or a golden undertone sometimes leave kind of a purple cast. It’s still very pretty, but watch out the shade of nude. Sometimes you end up looking a lot more purple on your lips than maybe you want.  So there’s that one swatched. This one’s called “Exposed”. This is a matte finish. I love these with dramatic smokey eyes so that it doesn’t take away from my eye look but it doesn’t unbalance my face. So, I love that.

Alright. And then let’s do this one. This one is “Enchanted”. This is another one of their finishes. So they have a matte finish. They have sheer finishes. And then they have shimmers. Sheer, matte and shimmers. This is one of their sheers. But this is also a lip tint. What I love about these is that they go on glossy and then once the gloss fades… you know, just throughout the day from talking, eating, whatever. Once the gloss fades, these actually leave a little wash of color on your lips. So it’s a very light stain. It’s not a super dramatic stain. I’ll go ahead and swatch this. This one is called “Enchanted”. I love this one too. Sorry if you can’t see that because of my light. I’ll try to move it around for you. This one is called Enchanted. Sorry about the lighting. I’m working on it. I’ll go ahead and swatch that for you. I’ll swatch it a couple of times because this one goes on a little more sheer. Here you go. So there’s that one. I love this one.

     Alright, but then this is why I was really psyched to death. I realized that three of the shades in this Christmas – holiday, sorry holiday pack are actually new shades. These are not shades that I’ve seen before. So I was really excited about that. Two of them are shimmers. They are “Escape” and “Sweet”. “Escape” and “Sweet” are shimmers. They go on very sheer. They’re kind of like solid lip glosses.  “Elite” is one of the sheers. These are the shimmers. These are the sheers. Sorry. I got confused about whether I said it or not. “Elite” has a nice kind of like pinky tone to it. This is one of the tints. That means that after the gloss fades it will leave a little bit of a stain. And I love stains because a lot of times throughout the day I find I really don’t have time to reapply my makeup. It’s nice that once it’s faded… the shine has faded, I still have color on my lips. Let me go ahead and swatch this one for you. This one is “Elite”. “Elite”. Sorry if you guys can’t see that. Like I said. I’m working on my lighting. “Elite”. I’m gonna swatch that for you.

How convenient that I actually got both of the tints side by side. What I’ll do in a second is I’ll actually wipe away some of those. These two here that are actually the tints – the ones that leave a little bit of a stain – so that you can actually see some of the staining. The heavier you put it on, the more it stains. The longer you leave it on the more it stains. The lighter you put it on, the lighter the stain. What I like is that these actually come off really easily. So even though they have a little bit of a staining property to them when you’re ready to take them off, you can actually just wash your face with your usual cleanser or use an eye makeup remover. [chuckles] That actually works quite well.

Here’s one of the other Liplusters. This one is a sheer one but it’s shimmery. It’s shimmery. So this one is “Escape”. Let me bring that one in. Sorry, if I’m not showing them enough. There we go. Whee! I’m just so excited. I want to play with them all. This one I’ll swatch, oh sorry! Let me bring that up so you can see it. Swatch that for you. So you can see it has really great color. You can see that this one is definitely matte. You can see how there’s not a lot of reflection from the light on this one. So it’s definitely more matte. Love that one. And then this one. I’m keeping track here. This is the other shimmer. It’s called “Sweet”. Very pretty. I love how – I don’t know how well this reads on camera, but when they’re shimmers, the container actually has glitter in the container so you can see that it is one of the shimmers. Let me actually bring that up here. There we go. Swatch that one for you. These are very pretty. I love these.

Oops! I forgot to share with you. I’m actually wearing this one on my lips. It’s called “Enchanted”. This is actually one of the lip tints. I’m already wearing it. I just want to reapply a little. Why not? Alright. So, I love these. I said I would wipe away some. Ok. These two right here, whoops sorry! These two right here are the tints so I’ll just wipe away like half of that. So you can see some of the stain. And I’ll wipe away some of that one. So you can see that one too. There you go. I don’t know how well it reads on camera. But you can see where I wiped away there is still color. For those of you who like stains, this is great. Those of you who just want a pop of color on your lips without being over dramatic – without it being too much, these are great. Like I said, this one is really one of my favorites. “Exposed”. I was just like… I can’t say it enough. I was psyched to death to see this one in this holiday kit. I guess it’s an underrated matte color. I love it. It’s a great neutral. That’s what I like about all of these shades. They all have the potential to be very intense. You can layer and build the color as much as you want. Or if you just want a sheer wash of color you can just slide it on a little and leave it at that. [Crashing Sound] Oops! Dropped… dropped the holder. Sorry about that. But yeah, these are great.

I recommend that you guys grab these because you know at [Chuckles] $34 for five of these. That’s a $120 value. These are not going to last very long. At the store I went to there was only 12 available and now there’s 11. [Laughing] Because I bought one. I’m really excited about a lot of Tarte‘s holiday kits so this probably won’t be the last holiday kit I buy from Tarte. They have some amazing deals. Don’t be surprised to see me do another review. But yeah. That’s that. Let me know if you guys use these. Tried them? Let know what you guys think. Your thoughts? Opinions? Any similar brands I should be checking out? Let me know. Alright I’ll see you guys next time. Please comment and subscribe and I’ll see you next time.

Can’t find it in the stores? Try here! http://tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-statement-lips-5-piece-LipSurgence-collectors-set

Until later,

Heather N King