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Loreal Project Runway Limited Edition 2012

Loreal Project Runway Limited Edition 2012 has a pretty flashy display in the drugstore. When it comes to makeup whether drugstore or high end, there are a few things that I am a sucker for: great packaging and limited editions. The packaging in this aspect is mediocre, but the collection is limited edition.

The collection consists of:

  • Four eyeshadow quads: The Mystic’s Gaze, The Queen’s Gaze, The Muse’s Gaze, The Temptress’ Gaze
  • Four lipsticks: The Temptress’ Kiss, The Mystic’s Kiss, The Muse’s Kiss, The Queen’s Kiss
  • Four lip glosses: The Temptress’ Shine, The Queen’s Shine, The Mystic’s Shine, The Muse’s Shine
  • Six nail colors: The Queen’s Ambition, The Queen’s Might, The Temptress’ Power, The Muse’s Inspiration, The Temptress’ Touch, The Mystic’s Fortune
  • Four blushes: The Queen’s Blush, The Temptress’ Blush, The Muse’s Blush, The Mystic’s Blush

I only picked up four items from the collection. So much makeup, so little time. *Sigh*

 Loreal Project Runway Limited Edition 2012 

Super Blendable Blush in The Muse’s Blush (326)

The size of these blushes are larger than your standard drugstore buy. I was tempted to purchase all four in the collection, but I predicted that they would not be heavily pigmented nor long-wearing. I predicted correctly. Although, I love the thought of such a large blush pan for the drugstore price (pieces of the collection were actually “Buy 1 – Get 1 half off” at my local drugstore), I new that I would have to reapply them throughout the day. What’s the point of getting more product for a cheaper price if you have to reapply it one million times? This is the kind of blush where an hour after you put it on, you look in the mirror and think, “Where’s my blush go?” This shade is rather light for my complexion, but I picked it up to use as a highlighter.

Loreal Project Runway Limited Edition 2012

Pressed Eyeshadow Quad in The Muse’s Gaze (716)

      When it comes to eyeshadows, I’m a fan of vibrant colors. Unfortunately, the colors in this eyeshadow quad are unevenly pigmented. As you can see from the swatches, much is left to be desired.

Loreal Project Runway Limited Edition 2012

Colour Riche in The Mystic’s Kiss (486)

     I like lipsticks from Loreal’s Colour Riche line. They are decently pigmented and always make my lips feel sexy. They stain the lips a bit which makes them longer wearing than your standard drugstore fare. This shade pairs nicely with the Mystic’s Shine.

Loreal Project Runway Limited Edition 2012

Colour Riche LeGloss in The Mystic’s Shine (481)

     What a unique lip gloss shade! It’s super shiny, sparkly, glossy and very pretty. Looks great alone or over a lip color. No complaints here.

     Although the collection has six very chic nail varnishes, I chose not to purchase any. All-in-all the collection looks very pretty in the packaging but I was not very impressed by the eyeshadows or blushes. The lip color and lip gloss on the other hand I love! If I had to chose only one item from this collection, I would say go with the Colour Riche LeGloss lip glosses. All of the shades are unique, nice quality and a good buy for your money.

     Have you tried any of these? What did you think? I would love to hear your opinions, questions, and tips. Please comment and subscribe.

Until later,

Heather N King